Questioning Our Most Uncherished Values:2 COMPLEX 4 MOST MOVIE GOERS

By grimesgolden1
Written September 02, 2014
Evil flourishes when good people do nothing.QT reveals in his moviesTHE most American of values is violence.He cleverly asks us to participate as observers &we get the blood all over us. It is a suckers bet. By showing polarity of bad and worse,we always choose bad.Why?The protagonist(s)in his films represent violent &vile lifestyles,aka bad people. We are trained to make every shade of grey&black into good and bad. But wait, grey is not good, it is bad,but not worse than bad, but still bad. Like Inglorious Basterds, Django is thought provoking and re-educates, or more accurately educates, us on the ignominious presence of evil in not only of historical weirdnesses (National Socialists& Slavers)but also the capacity for acting righteously in each of us(bounty hunters are legal, nazi hunters are legal). As long as we are beating the worse demons, we are better than they are. It makes you wonder how far one goes,will go,or has gone w/out examining 1's values.Spins a good erudite tale!
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By jgillespie35
Written December 26, 2012
Just saw this movie and I gotta say it was terrible. There is nothing funny about slavery yet Tarnitino made light of it throughout this movie. To all moviegoers, black, white, brown, man, woman, or child save your hard earned money. This movie set blacks and the human race back 100 years.. This movie was very offensive and I am shocked Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington signed on to play in this movie. They really should be a shame of themselves as much as I am ashamed that I spent 3 hrs of my Christmas watching it. My wife and I are very open minded but Quentin went over the line in this movie. Dont see it please.
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A Total P.O.S

By divaliciousboss
Written December 30, 2012
I went to see this movie and it was the ABSOLUTE WORST P.O.S I've ever seen. How dare Tarantino make a comedic mockery of such a horrible time in African American history. The movie had NO entertaining or historic value. Spike was right to BOYCOTT this movie, do NOT waste your time or money seeing it, it's dehumanizing, degrading and offensive. It diminishes the suffering of those that endured it. Jamie, Keri and Sam Jackson lost a LOT of respect, I cant believe they were that starved for a role to participate in something so vile. I see why Will Smith turned the role of Django down, some things should be off limits.
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Movie of the year

By philvz
Written August 21, 2013
I loved it
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Overly violent & gruesome

By jaclyn321
Written December 26, 2012
I suppose I should have known better considering the director. For me the movie was unnecessarily gruesome and I really have a hard time understanding peoples desire for such violent films. In my opinion much more could have been done with this intriguing story line and stellar cast of characters. Waltz's performance was captivating while Foxx fell flat for me. Less blood with a little more story line would have gone a long way for me.
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