By lisaabrown3
Written January 11, 2014
I knew it was this corrupt in NJ, but I had no idea it was this bad throughout the entire country. I held back tears several times during the movie. THANK YOU SO MUCH for exposing this corruption!!! My question to you, is will you be supplying a copy of this movie to the Supreme Court, and also to Congress, the Senate, & the POTUS ? It is quite obvious that this will not be fixed on the state level. We obviously need Federal Intervention into the States. Sorry, for those who want less government. There are SO many allowable conflicts of interest in Family Court. Judges are NOT held accountable for anything, and continually get paid off by lawyers. The average citizen has no idea what goes on unless they've been through this, or knows someone who has been through this. WE HAVE TO STOP USING LAWYERS !!! LIFETIME ALIMONY MUST END, Constitutional Rights are violated in family court. WOMEN SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR FAKING ABUSE, resulting in EX losing children and homes !!!!
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By P Rollins
Written January 13, 2014
I found this documentary about the family court system shocking. If you have any interest in how divorce and child custody works in the US, see this pic.
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By kidsdeservedads
Written January 11, 2014
DIVORCE CORP. clearly hit the emotional chord it was designed to strike. It also left me feeling considerably more hopeless. Friday used to be family night out. Ironically, had my former 'family' gone out to the movies last night for a family-themed subject, they would have seen a dangerous and out of control anti-family system captured on celluloid that's perhaps only bested by Bambi Meets Godzilla. I'm Bambi, my fellow single parents are Bambi. Family Court is unquestionably Godzilla. Anyone who has ever experienced the ravages of the Family Court monster, and anyone who hasn't but knows someone going through it, should see this film. In fact, it should be required viewing at every high school civics class in the country. - R. Scott NATIONAL PARENTS ORGANIZATION
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Family courts are unconstitutional

By trapkus
Written January 11, 2014
This film highlights a dark secret of the American injustice system. Family courts ignore the constitution, extort money, accuse one parent of a crime and then punish by fines and other monetary attacks but more importantly strip rights from children and one parent. The recipe is one parent accusing the other of child abuse and other false claims to jockey for money. The courts believe the lies or read the irrationality as a sign of inability for the two parents to raise the kids and punish one parent anyway. This film is the first step in the next big civil rights movement for America. The family courts need reform or should be overthrown. Shared parenting, judge oversight by a jury, and criminal enforcement of abuse by judges, lawyers, and supporting cast are needed to clean the corruption and clear abuse of power. A process of inefficiency, collusion and state sponsored crime needs to stop. I know it sounds crazy. Find out for yourself and you will believe this movie.
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Must see if you plan to get married, know someone who is married or may get divorced.

By Rmaybury
Written January 13, 2014
In this movie you learn that the family court controls your divorce, takes all of your money (both sides) and gives you little say about what's right for your children. EVERY PART OF THIS MOVIE IS TRUE...!!!! Follow the European model for Divorce. The current Alimony Laws are unfair and outdated in all of the states that still have permanent alimony. (New Jersey) S2750 and A3909 give guidelines to reform alimony to be fair for both parties. The attorneys and New Jersey Bar Association are against guidelines because they make money on the current system of endless litigation, multiple court visits, arbitrary discretion by judges, change of circumstance modifications that are NEVER granted and appeals that are denied. GUIDELINES work for child support and GUIDELINES will work for alimony as well. REFORM THE FAMILY COURTS because they act as corrupt processing centers instead of judicial courts as they were intended...!!!
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