Movie Nation

By Roger Moore
Divorce Corp is a lot pointed outrage that damning as its seems, feels suspect.
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By Matt Zoller Seitz
Divorce Corp is directed and edited at roughly the same level of imagination as a network newsmagazine story: talking head, talking head, talking head, cut to a chart, exterior shot of a courthouse, cut to another chart, talking head.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
It relies too heavily on shock value rather than solid facts.
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The New York Times

By Nicolas Rapold
The tone ranges from wounded to disgusted, but a movie positing this deep a rot in the system needs to be more measured and better made to take hold.
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By Justin Chang
Divorce Corp. is reasonably cogent when it comes to explaining divorce-court terminology and statistics, even if it comes up somewhat short in terms of actual facts and figures. The filmmakers are far less successful when they start dragging in outrageous examples of official misconduct.
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Village Voice

By Daphne Howland
Despite the film's hyper but insubstantial presentation of its information, there likely is a story here.
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39 out of 100
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