Divorce Corp. Synopsis
A shocking exposé of the inner workings of the $50 billion a year U.S. family law industry.
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By lisaabrown3
I knew it was this corrupt in NJ, but I had no idea it was this bad throughout the entire country. I held back tears several times during the movie. THANK YOU SO MUCH for exposing this...


By P Rollins
I found this documentary about the family court system shocking. If you have any interest in how divorce and child custody works in the US, see this pic....


By kidsdeservedads
DIVORCE CORP. clearly hit the emotional chord it was designed to strike. It also left me feeling considerably more hopeless. Friday used to be family night out. Ironically, had my former 'family'...

Must see if you plan to get married, know someone who is married or may get divorced.

By Rmaybury
In this movie you learn that the family court controls your divorce, takes all of your money (both sides) and gives you little say about what's right for your children. EVERY PART OF THIS MOVIE IS...

Family courts are unconstitutional

By trapkus
This film highlights a dark secret of the American injustice system. Family courts ignore the constitution, extort money, accuse one parent of a crime and then punish by fines and other monetary...

Divorce Corp

By mgerhardt
The movie highlights lots of common problems that need to addressed. The question is, are the legislators willing to make the changes, because we know that the judges, lawyers, custody evaluators,...

Divorce Corp.

By SamTito
I went to the viewing of Divorce Corp. hosted by My Advocate Center last Thursday night at Lefont Theaters in Sandy Springs. The movie does a very good job covering the incestuous relationships of...

Divorce Corp

By Chanrhu
I didn't get to go. I drove for almost 2 hours & couldn't find the damned theater. Now Fandango & AMC Firewheel refuse to give me a refund....

And This Is America?

By lindershie
Extraordinary courage was shown by those who created this film. The horror of the Family Court system, especially in Sacramento, Ca. is astounding. The fact that the Constitution does not affect...

Highly recommended for anyone considering a divorce

By 82abhilash
The movie presents a family court system that is NOT designed to deliver justice. It gives you an opportunity to see what you could end up going through even if you and your spouse planned to part on...

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