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It was okay

By sbremer
Written June 18, 2015
I saw the movie tonight, on opening night. It was okay. I've read almost all of the Divergent trilogy. The books are much better. They left out a lot of really important, juicy, details while making this movie. It was nice being able to visually see the movie, though, instead of just reading the books and picturing it for myself. It was nice to see the books through somebody else's creative lens. The acting was great, and the movie was over-all really good. They just left out a lot of really important details. I would still go and see it, though. Especially if you've never read the book--then you won't even notice that the juicy nice details are missing. -K
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Better than the book

By skmonks
Written April 13, 2015
My main issue with Divergent (the book) was that I couldn't like Tris. One minute she would be totally selfless, the next she would kill without thinking. I just couldn't bring myself to accept her merciless nature. However, Shailene Woodley's acting in this film actually changed my mind. I now like Tris. Putting all that aside, though, this movie is definitely fast-paced, intense, and not for everyone. Fans of the book will love the parts that are adapted faithfully from the source material. This may not be the movie of the decade, but it's a ride you won't regret taking.
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Divergent Divergent <3

By celinesd21
Written July 16, 2015
It was great! You cant help compare it to the book but I believe it did it justice. I envisioned a different Four/Tabias but he worked out GREAT! Must Go!
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By sarahmmaninger
Written April 13, 2015
This film exceeded all my expectations! I absolutely love the book and the movie adaption is very close to the book. This could quite possibly be the best movie i have EVER seen! Please do yourself a favor and go see DIVERGENT!
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Where did the time go?

By CleanMovieLover
Written October 12, 2015
I was on the edge of my seat for the entire movie (didn't read the book.) It was captivating and interesting. Sister to Hunger Games for sure ~ same type of movie. Ages: 12-120 Well done! It seemed like the movie was only 1 hour long - time passed quickly! Loved the actors! Looking forward to the next one!
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