Disturbia MATINEE

By ironman16
Written July 20, 2008
this was a good film. i think that this was shia leboufs break out movie. this was a good suspecful film. like a actually jumped a couple times. this is a good movie shia leboufs first good film. my grade B-
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Great for teens and pre-teens

By edwardcullen521
Written August 31, 2008
I'm nearly 13 and not a huge horror movie fan. But I actually liked this movie. It gave me a couple of scares and I jumped a couple of times which are the kind of horror movies I like. It's not gory and doesn't have a pointless story line. The story line was great. The ending could've been a little bit more thrilling though. The actors did really good and they were believable. Not like in some movies where the facial expressions are fake and they act overly freaked out. I recommend it for teens and pre-teens who aren't into slasher movies. It was a pretty good movie.
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Disturbia...a fun thriller for all.

By Movies_Madness_2007
Written April 18, 2007
I thought this film had it all. It was well cast, well written, good acting, and was fun to watch. Althought there are a few predictable scenes, the film does surprise you and keeps you on the edge of your seats. I think the two main lead actors (Shia LeBeouf and Sarah Roemer) are going to have an amazing career in the years to come.
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GREAT movie.

Written April 20, 2007
I loved every moment of this movie. It has a great plot, and it's not too gory - a true thriller. Shia LeBeouf gives an amazing performance, probably his best. If you haven't seen this movie, you definitely should. You'll want to see it again and again!
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Best movie I've ever seen.

By BeCouturex0
Written April 18, 2007
Seriously. It was.
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