DISTRICT 9 - sign me up!!! Rating: 92 out of 100. (Per advance VIP press preview)

Written August 11, 2009
Produced by Peter Jackson, directed by Neill Blomkamp, starring unknown Sharlto Copley - DISTRICT 9(1hr 53min) is based on a short film - 'Alive in Joburg'(directed by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen and Shanon Worley). Thematically heavy, this engaging untypical and non-'Hollywood' movie(an allegory on apartheid) explored race relations, racial discrimination, government cover-ups - government misinformation - media/public relations 'spins', prejudice/hatred, redemption, personal sacrifice, survival, etc. DISTRICT 9 was shot using the RED ONE digital camera - for a higher degree of resolution - 4096 x 2304 - close-up shots were vividly detailed - enhanced the documentary-style of direction for the majority of this stark gritty 'real' movie. Special effects/CGI/make-up = FIRST CLASS!!! Action sequences suck you right in - scenes of 'splatters' will cause you to squirm in your seat. VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for sci-fi fans. ACTUAL GRADE: Solid A
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District 9 is one of the greatest sci-fi movies out, ever!

By thesilentcat4
Written August 07, 2009
Yes that is quite a statement I made in the title, but in an advanced screening I saw District 9, and it did not disappoint. District 9 has a great story told about aliens coming to earth, and being forced to stay here because of their weaponry. The aliens are abused and the movie makes you feel sympathetic towards the aliens as they are beaten and what not. But thats not all you get with this movie. You sure get a GORY one at that. When you finally see the aliens' weapons at work for the first time, you will some gory stuff. Yet we all know action can't carry a film, but the acting and storytelling in this movie is just so well done, it is just a great experience to watch. You will sit there after the movie thinking, this was such a great movie, when is the second one? I don't want to give any spoilers away because the less you know about this, the greater the movie is. And I guarantee you that in the trailers they hardly showed ANYTHING! GREAT MOVIE, go see it
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Ignore that idiot last reviewer

By mrloofer
Written August 01, 2009
.. who's probably never even seen the movie. I saw a screening of this movie and let me tell you it is going to be the best movie of the summer! Be prepared to be shocked!!!
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Just got back from a screening-AWESOME, easily one of the best this summer

By kmoney51
Written August 13, 2009
Aside from being in the front row of an over-crowded theatre, this was a great movie. Unlike some of the other big blockbusters this summer that pack a lot of punch but have zero story or heart, this film strikes on all fronts. Considering it was made for 1/7th or so of the price tag for "Transformers 2", the special effects in this movie were more than enough. Not only was this one of the most original sci-fi movies to come out in some time, it hits on today's over-involved media outlets and society's missteps when it comes to relationships and how even family isn't just what it used to be. With a cast of no-names, the main character was fantastic at going through the changes involving work, life, friendship, and one you have to see to believe. The "Little One" provided some comic relief throughout and teaches us that we can all "get along". By the end you will be cheering for the unlikely heros and wonder how messed up some people really are. A must see for all movie fans.
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District 9

By lilzack59
Written August 14, 2009
Amazing movie, do not listen to the uneducated oh no reviews who can't appreciate a real movie. Highly recommend watching!
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