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Extraterrestrials become refugees in South Africa.
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San Francisco Chronicle

Every now and then, a film comes along that both defies and compels description. District 9 is one such movie: a science-fiction action...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
No true fan of science fiction -- or, for that matter, cinema -- can help but thrill to the action, high stakes and suspense built around a...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Madly original, cheekily political, altogether exciting District 9.
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Grabs you by the eyeballs from the very first frame.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
This baby has the stuff to end the movie summer on a note of dazzle and distinction.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
With its clever faux documentary style, this is the most imaginative science-fiction movie to come along in years.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
A memorable, monstrous fable that's consistently gripping.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
The last time I felt the sort of outrageously kinetic action-movie high District 9 delivers, it was 1981 and George Miller, Mel Gibson, and...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
There is a lot of shield-your-eyes ickiness in District 9, a lot of violence and gore. What there is not a lot of, however, is humanity -...
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Wall Street Journal

There's a wonderfully sly, farcical verve to these early moments, but it dissipates when the script, with its strains of "E.T." and "The...
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DISTRICT 9 - sign me up!!! Rating: 92 out of 100. (Per advance VIP press preview)

Produced by Peter Jackson, directed by Neill Blomkamp, starring unknown Sharlto Copley - DISTRICT 9(1hr 53min) is based on a short film - 'Alive in Joburg'(directed by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley,...

District 9 is one of the greatest sci-fi movies out, ever!

By thesilentcat4
Yes that is quite a statement I made in the title, but in an advanced screening I saw District 9, and it did not disappoint. District 9 has a great story told about aliens coming to earth, and being...

Ignore that idiot last reviewer

By mrloofer
.. who's probably never even seen the movie. I saw a screening of this movie and let me tell you it is going to be the best movie of the summer! Be prepared to be shocked!!!...

Just got back from a screening-AWESOME, easily one of the best this summer

By kmoney51
Aside from being in the front row of an over-crowded theatre, this was a great movie. Unlike some of the other big blockbusters this summer that pack a lot of punch but have zero story or heart,...

District 9

By lilzack59
Amazing movie, do not listen to the uneducated oh no reviews who can't appreciate a real movie. Highly recommend watching!...

A very good movie

By Jirekianu
If you're someone who got too into the hype there's a good chance you may be underwhelmed. Though if you're like me and limited your excitement to watching the trailers then you'll be suitably...

A gritty yet refreshing film - like laying on a sandy beach and letting the tide roll over you.

By animacomplex
I can't help but laugh as I read through these 'Fan Reviews' of District 9. I tend to read the 'bad reviews' first and couldn't help but notice that the individuals giving this movie a bad review...

Halo director!

By Elias123
the movie looks awesome!...


By doobers
I wish they required a movie stub to write a review. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE OR DON'T LIKE THE GENRE, DON'T RATE IT!...

District 9 is the most unique, intelligent sci fi movies in years

By earthbound_loveship
it seems most reviewers are like "OMG best movie ever" or "it sucked..." of course that doesnt really help most people reading these reviews. so heres my review: District 9 IS one of the best...

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Rated R | For bloody violence and pervasive language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Sci-fi stunner is smart but gory; way too violent for kids.
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