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  • March 7, 1999
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Shot on location in Albany, New York, this drama focuses on the conflicts of a Philippine-American family. After the departure of his father and older brother, pre-med student West (director Francisco Aliwalas) faces pressures from his school, job, and family. Then long-lost, ex-jock brother Danger (Wayland Quintero) turns up in drag. Danger agrees to ditch his dress and wig before he's seen by their motel-worker mom (Potri Ranka Manis) -- but only if West will tell her he doesn't want to be a doctor. Friendly with Filipino immigrant and car-wash owner Speedy (Jojo Gonzalez), West is attracted to a young Japanese woman, Minako (Kayoko Takahashi), who lives with crude Asian-fetishist Caucasian Manny (Sutton Meany). More disorienting problems loom as Danger awaits his HIV test results. Shown at the 1998 San Francisco Asian-American Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

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