A Christmas Carol (Disney Digital 3-D). Grade: C (Based on a advance VIP press preview on Mon. Nov. 2nd.)

Written November 03, 2009
Robert Zemeckis wrote/directed this 1.5hr 3-D-animated movie-adaptation of Charles Dickens' 1983 novel. In Jim Carrey's first appearance in a Disney movie, he played Ebenezer Scrooge plus the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. The Ebenezer Scrooge animated character received more attention/detail compared to other characters in the movie - paying close attention, you will notice the uneven treatments. Overall, the CGIs were competently rendered and the 3-D possessed remarkable depth. However, this movie gravitated heavily on special-effects and the 3-D spectacles while relegating Charles Dickens' Victorian story regarding morality and redemption to the background. This sacrifice produced a dazzlingly visually captivating movie that lacked seamless plot flow - continuity in certain scenes were jarring and the story lacked gravitas. VERDICT: At a $175 million budget, this movie is more over-bloated than a roasted Christmas goose. Good - but not great.
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Great Holiday Movie!

By pizza3mom
Written November 26, 2009
Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey was much better than I expected. Other than one short action/adventure part (not to give anything away, I thought it just didn't belong) it captured the feel of the original novel, one of my holiday favorites. A word of caution, there are a few scarier scenes for the little ones and this is not Jim Carrey's typical slapstick humor. It is worth seeing just for the breathtaking animation, I was amazed.
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See it in 3D

By RandytheMovieFan
Written November 03, 2009
This wonderful story has been filmed over a dozen times, so is this new version worth another trip to the cineplex? First off, the 3D effects are spectacular. Second, it makes a wonderful family outing, although the PG rating comes from some scary moments that may be too much for really young kids. Finally, there is Jim Carrey's superb embodiment of Scrooge. Offsetting that is Carrey's versions of the ghosts of Christmas past and present, which generally grated on me, probably because they reflected a Disney attempt to lighten up the movie by injecting some silly humor. The rest of the cast is fine, though of course they don't get much screen time. So overall, if you want a family-friendly Christmas movie with effects that can only be seen on the big screen, this will serve nicely. But if 3D effects don't excite you, save your money and wait for The Muppet Christmas Carol to appear again on TV.
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Must see!

By mceachin2
Written November 07, 2009
Loved it! THE POPLE LOOKED SOOOO REAL! MY 5 year old loved it. A little scared at times but nothing major! Gotta do 3-D!
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By dj daniel at see-dj com
Written November 21, 2009
I was excited to see this movie. Im a big fan of Jim Carrey and Disney annimation. However from the start i realized this is not for kids or even some squimish adults. The opening scene of Marley in a casket set the mood for the rest of movie's inappropriate scenes. For example Ghost Marleys lower jaw dislocating and flopping around as he talks , The ghost of christmas present's skin wilts away and his bones turn to dust on camera as he laughs the whole time, the detailed zits and inperfecdtions on the supporting characters, the whole cemetary scene with with Scrooge, and finally the thriller style horses of the ghost of christmas future with red eyes and comming in and out of the shadows. I would definately screne this movie before taking small children who are easily scared or have nightmares.
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