Not for children

By aaymond922
Written November 13, 2009
This is no longer a movie for children of any age. It is too dark and scary. I am a Jim Carrey fan, but this was not his best. Bill Murray did a great job. Shoot even Mickey Mouse had it nailed. This should have never been rated PG. I am so disappointed in Disney. The Spirit of Christmas Present was portrayed as Jesus and that was bad enough, but then to watch him die into bones then into dust was too much for the kids. The Spirit of Christmas future was taken way to far. He never should have been portrayed as the grim reaper. Coming out of the shadows like that and pulling him thru the floor. Then having black horses with red eyes chase Scrooge thru the city was just to scary. This used to be such a wonderful kids movie. and the folks that are running Disney these days have left their morals at the door. Had I known it would have been a scary movie, I would have never taken my children to see it. I am very much offended! Shame on you Disney!
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Please don't take small children.

By tinabu
Written November 11, 2009
Before I went to see this movie, I was reading reviews of how scary the movie was and how dark it was. That is what it is supposed to be, duh, it's "A Christmas Carol". Where a stingy old man is supposed to get the life scared out of him so he would change his ways. This was a great movie and I am so in love with the new 3D. The cast is amazing and bring such reality to this animation. I will be going to see it again and I never see movies twice in the theater. My 11 year old agrees. The only problem we had with the movie was the audience. People: don't bring anyone under 8 years of age to a movie theater unless the movie is a "G". They get bored, cry and scream and I don't blame them, they are too little for big movies. Get a sitter. And for you who thought this movie isn't a Christmas Classic, read the book first, maybe you'll get it then.
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Jim Carrey A Master of Comedy Who Has Many Faces.

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written August 03, 2009
Ive seen Jim Carrey in films since I was a child. From Liar Liar to Me Myself and Irene and even Ace Ventura Pet Detective hes almost done it all. This tale of the classic a Christmas Carol I think will prove good for Jim Carrey fans. What do you get when you mix Scrooge with a number one comedian... a unforgettable character. I believe that this movie is gonna be good for the whole family considering that all the Pixar and Disney films of late have been box office blow outs I think this one will follow in their footsteps. You wouldnt want to miss a big hit would you? I wouldnt. Jim Carrey has always drawn crowds so what makes this any different? Nothing. The unification of Jim Carrey and scrooge = BRILLIANCE! Good call Disney. Well enjoy.
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A Christmas Carol

By April_LeAnn
Written May 10, 2011
This was a very cute movie! I like the way it was done. It did get a little scarey at times, but it wasn't too bad. Its a litte different...I enjoyed it & so did my kid! :)
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True to Dickens's Story . . . Mostly

By mimifa
Written December 03, 2009
With so many versions of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," including Disney's "Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Mickey's Christmas Carol," one might think that there was no need for yetanother. Even I, whose favorite author is Dickens, wondered why Disney would make another one, let alone one with Jim Carey, who I felt didn't add anything by remaking "Grinch." But curiosity moved me to see the 3-D version with my nieces and nephew. It's great! It's the truest to Dickens's story that I've seen. The only deviation was during the part with the Ghost of Christmas Future, when Scrooge shrunk and was chased by demon, ghost horses. However, Disney probably added that to lighten the mood of the final, and scariest ghost. I caught my nieces (7 & 9) laughing at the tiny Scrooge, while both of them said afterward that they were scared during the whole future scene. But the future ghost isn't much scarier than in the Muppet version, which they watch every year. Thanks, Disney, you did Dickens proud!
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