True to the Original!

By tmagdiel
Written November 12, 2009
Awesome animation and yet stays true to the original Dickens' A Christmas Carol... Might want to see the 3D version though, the animation would make even more sense then.
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Amazing Animation BUT DO NOT Take Young Children!!

By carlyedennis33
Written December 05, 2009
I have to say it shocked me that Disney made such a movie with a DARK side to it. I have a 2 & 9 year old and thought it would be a good time for the girls. Boy was I wrong. About 45 minutes into the movie we left with my 9 year old scared to death and in tears! The movie is not family based at all and I really think it should have been rated PG-13 and I am pretty relaxed in what my girls see for the most part. I was shocked to say the least. I don not recommend this for anyone under the age of 12 or13 unless they are accustomed to scary movies. Now that being said I do want to see the movie (Without Kids) in 3-D before it leaves the theatres because the animation was UNBELIEVABLE!! The people looked real and the effects were amazing in 2-D I can't wait to see it in 3-D This review was mainly to save those with little ones the money for a movie they may have to leave mid-movie like I did because of the scare/jump factor..
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A Christmas Carol - go but not with your kids

By tmmawm
Written November 10, 2009
Great movie for adults and older children. I made the mistake of bringing my ten and eleven year old children who were both very uncomfortable with this dark movie and we ended up leaving after the appearance of the ghost of Christmas Present. I will go back and watch the movie again sans children.
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Just another attempt

By Nationcall
Written November 26, 2009
THE CONTENT: First off, don't take kids under 10 to see this newly imagined Dickens classic. With a lot of heart and fun, this film is good for kids, but there's some scary images and language that go along with it. Be cautious before entering this movie if the kids can't handle the Bill Murray movie "SCROOGED". IS IT GOOD: So, now you have your demographic, this fillm is for ages 10-20 and 45-65. These are the age groups that will be most entertained by the film. Here's the thing, while all the spirits and ghosts are new and re-done with a Jim Carrey touch, it's the same as any other vision of the classic Charles Dickens story. Plus the acting is mainy just Carrey, which can be a bit overwhelming. FINAL ANALYSIS: All right, if you want to see this based on the stunning visuals, and they are stunning, alone, then you won't be disappointed. Just don't go in expecting a remake masterpiece, because I can 100% gaurantee you you'll feel shortchanged. -Brandon Vander Hey
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By Linda_UP
Written November 28, 2009
There were a few funny parts but overall, its just too scary.
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