Disney's A Christmas Carol Synopsis
Charles Dickens' timeless tale of an old miser who must face Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come, as they help to bring kindness to his otherwise cold heart.
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True to the Original!

By tmagdiel
Awesome animation and yet stays true to the original Dickens' A Christmas Carol... Might want to see the 3D version though, the animation would make even more sense then....

Amazing Animation BUT DO NOT Take Young Children!!

By carlyedennis33
I have to say it shocked me that Disney made such a movie with a DARK side to it. I have a 2 & 9 year old and thought it would be a good time for the girls. Boy was I wrong. About 45 minutes into the...

A Christmas Carol - go but not with your kids

By tmmawm
Great movie for adults and older children. I made the mistake of bringing my ten and eleven year old children who were both very uncomfortable with this dark movie and we ended up leaving after the...

Just another attempt

By Nationcall
THE CONTENT: First off, don't take kids under 10 to see this newly imagined Dickens classic. With a lot of heart and fun, this film is good for kids, but there's some scary images and language that...


By Linda_UP
There were a few funny parts but overall, its just too scary....

Not for children

By aaymond922
This is no longer a movie for children of any age. It is too dark and scary. I am a Jim Carrey fan, but this was not his best. Bill Murray did a great job. Shoot even Mickey Mouse had it nailed....

Please don't take small children.

By tinabu
Before I went to see this movie, I was reading reviews of how scary the movie was and how dark it was. That is what it is supposed to be, duh, it's "A Christmas Carol". Where a stingy old man is...

Jim Carrey A Master of Comedy Who Has Many Faces.

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Ive seen Jim Carrey in films since I was a child. From Liar Liar to Me Myself and Irene and even Ace Ventura Pet Detective hes almost done it all. This tale of the classic a Christmas Carol I think...

A Christmas Carol

By April_LeAnn
This was a very cute movie! I like the way it was done. It did get a little scarey at times, but it wasn't too bad. Its a litte different...I enjoyed it & so did my kid! :)...

What a waste of money - Their's and mine

By Krazeeddd
What idiot decided to make a Christmas movie that 1. Is too scary for kids. 2. Has zero likable characters (How they made Bob Crathiits family unlikable is a true feat.) 3. Allows you leave the...

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Rated PG | For scary sequences and scary images
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says 3-D adaptation of classic holiday tale may scare young kids.
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