Disney's A Christmas Carol: 3D

By leilani2
Written December 08, 2009
Great movie. May be a liitle too much for younger viewers. Our 4 year old had to hide a few times during the "scary" scenes.
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Really memorable!

By shanonsan
Written November 27, 2009
Fabulous movie, some slightly frightening, though effective, images that are quite fascinating and fun to watch. The 3-D Imax experience puts you right into the scene. Acting and characters are perfect. Not for very young kids because of the images and also the content needs an older child to follow it, but the story is for every age mature enough to grasp it and not be scared. My 13-year-old daughter and I really loved it and enjoyed the timeless and poignant message that is A Christmas Carol. Such a great reminder at this time of year!
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IMAX 3D Christmas Carol

By cbiggs
Written December 08, 2009
the movie it's self was ok, had some issues with the animation and some story choices made. but I think this is the Last IMAX version of a movie I'll see, the Pictures great but they turn the audio up to "11" it's so loud it made my head ache. I left with my ears ringing, I thought I just left a Heavy Metal concert
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Fa la la la la

By mae0325
Written December 07, 2009
The movie was very good; a little scary for my 5 year old though, but she got through it. Effects were great. Best 3D movie I've seen outside of Disney World.
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Christmas carol

By robot243
Written October 28, 2009
It wasnt realy anything new. it was a classic.
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