Must See ... Why?

By Sydia311
Written October 22, 2014
If you saw Bully, this is Bully part 2 or Bully on steroids. Go see this movie, it will make you think twice about social media and the world wide web.
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Great Cast and Theme

By eblag7
Written December 20, 2014
Very enjoyable and absorbing film. Interesting performances. Must see for all movie and cyber aficionados.
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So true..

By klparrish1
Written January 26, 2015
All the events in the movie are true to life. Maybe its not you, maybe its your neighbor or their neighbor.. but these things happen and its a sad true story. Good movie and good acting.
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Intense with Important Messages

By franbailey
Written April 18, 2015
I don't know why this movie didn't get any publicity. It is so deserving! I highly recommend seeing it not only for it's quality, but the important issues it touches on.
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Like "Crash" in 2013

By vincevking
Written October 31, 2014
I really enjoyed this movie. Somewhere in the middle of the film - I leaned over to my viewing companion and whispered "this is a lot like 'Crash.'" It's about a bunch of different characters and how their lives are affected by different types of digital communications - the story lines are seemingly unrelated until you start to see crossover interactions between characters in different story lines - just like in "Crash." I thought that the plot moved well, and the characters drew you in. It's definitely not a "feel-good" movie, but it's well-written and well-acted. I would recommend it to adults and older teens, but not younger kids.
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