People's lives collide online

By pedsarq
Written February 09, 2016
The perils of being online and revealing too much to others is explored in this movie about identity theft and teenage pranks...and pornography. There are several stories unfolding simultaneously in this movie and they're all connected. Several of the scenes are written out with Instant Messaging trickling down the screen. It does a really good job of showing just how personal an online conversation can be and how it can lead to terrible consequences. There's a story about a couple whose identity is stolen; another about a kid who plays a prank on another reclusive kid at a junior high school; and, a third about teen cyber pornography and a reporter who crosses the line to write the story. There are several other sub-stories playing out that are related to each of them. They all converge in a terrific manner towards the end, but not all of the issues are resolved and the drama builds all the way to the end. Good drama! Not a typical Jason Bateman role, but he nails it.
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Disconnect. Powerful! Awakening!

Written April 29, 2016
This movie enhanced what you hear about in the news everyday. My daughter has known kids to hurt themselves beacause of the social network. Makes you realize what kind of responsibility there is with having a computer. Tough movie to watch as a parent of a 20 and 16 year old.
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Absolutely Fantastic!!!!

By The movie fanatic
Written April 25, 2017
This movie brings sets the tone for everyday things that really happen to people. I say bring your kids to this movie. It'll scare them in a great way when teaching them about many faulty possibilities when sending a text message and talking to people online whom you don't really know. Omg, this movie is so great. I'm an adult and it taught me some things as well.
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Must See ... Why?

By Sydia311
Written February 26, 2017
If you saw Bully, this is Bully part 2 or Bully on steroids. Go see this movie, it will make you think twice about social media and the world wide web.
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Timely and Topical

By FLASH1465
Written October 05, 2015
I rate this a solid B+. Just got back and thought it was timely and very topical considering the way we live today. I think that most people should see it if for no other reason than to gain a better understanding of the ramifications of being connected"to everyone and everything all the time. Please understand that this is a movie of interwoven stories that jumps from person to person yet most of the stories connect at some point. Solid performances and sends a message without being preachy. I say go and enjoy.
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