The Movie

By paulmendez5591
Written August 08, 2008
I Cant wait for this movie its going to be great stop hating haters
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By TheHangover
Written July 08, 2008
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I can't wait....

By xBreakingxDawnx
Written August 26, 2008
Personaly I can't wait for this movie to come out.... other people obviously hate it...... it depends on your sense of humor. Like I love all these movies (ex. Date movie, epic movie, scary movies 1-4, meet the spartons) I think they're the funniest. But other people hate parody movies with stupid things that are supposed to be funny. so pretty much what I'm trying to say is, if u like like parody movies, go see it... If you hate them, don't go see its that simple don't tell people not see it is YOU don't like it everyone has a different sense of humor. Chao, *~*Lisha*~*
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You gotta be f#*@in kidding me.

By drewski
Written August 14, 2008
What I wanna know is why not do something like donate to charity instead of making the worst amateur comedy movies with all that money these companies have left over. I mean do they really expect tickets to make a profit from movies like "Action Movie" "Not Another Teen Movie" "I am a D-List actor Movie". Seriously, sponsor children in Central America, feed the homeless, or pay for my college tuition but for God's sake stop making these atrocious films.
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By Chanchinaman
Written July 23, 2008
They should stop making these movies. Now. They're not even funny. Maybe if you're a middle schooler who laughs at people who take dumps and farts. And plus, how rude is it to make a parody of Heath Ledger in the same year he died? Well, whatever, you can go watch it and spend your money.
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