Disaster Movie Synopsis
A group of impossibly attractive twentysomethings must dodge catastrophic events.
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The Movie

By paulmendez5591
I Cant wait for this movie its going to be great stop hating haters...


By TheHangover

I can't wait....

By xBreakingxDawnx
Personaly I can't wait for this movie to come out.... other people obviously hate it...... it depends on your sense of humor. Like I love all these movies (ex. Date movie, epic movie, scary...

You gotta be f#*@in kidding me.

By drewski
What I wanna know is why not do something like donate to charity instead of making the worst amateur comedy movies with all that money these companies have left over. I mean do they really expect...


By Chanchinaman
They should stop making these movies. Now. They're not even funny. Maybe if you're a middle schooler who laughs at people who take dumps and farts. And plus, how rude is it to make a parody of...

another crappy comedy disaster. i guess thats why it is called disaster movie

By Caveboy0
now to be clear these are not the same people who did the scary movie 3 and 4 those where directed by david zucker these current crap fests are made by some unnamed people who decided to copy his...

my review

By theman55
i like spoof movies... i liked the scary movies i liked superhero movie, hell i evan thought meet the spartans as kinda funny and this hole time i thought ppl were being to hard on these guy but...

epic fail

By matrix3
ALL ABOARD THE FAIL BOAT. This is gonna be another miserable failure and its sad they they spend millions of dollars making crap movies when they could put that money to better use....fail...


By austin123456
epic movie suck all of the movies suck but daster movie is the best...

Bad is not good enough

By Bobby Teenager
Calling this movie a disaster is to good for it. It is the worst movie I have ever seen. The only reason i stayed was because i had already paid for it. If you are planning to see the move don't...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual content throughout, language and drug references and comic violence
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Common Sense Media says Crude, dumb spoof isn't worth your time or money.
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