Dirty Dancing: 20th Anniversary Synopsis
Teen (Jennifer Grey) gets slinky with dance teacher (Patrick Swayze) in '63 Catskills.
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Worth Waiting 20 Years

By Sheltx
The crowd was excited. It was like a reunion party. Seeing the movie on the big screen again was great. Two generations of females from the family went. Saw some with three generations. Sound...

Loved It Again

By dsawyer44
To good to miss!...

This was the best!

By EdMartin777
You should have more old movies on the big screen. This was great. This is just a fun movie. I Love it. Do it again soon. Ed Martin...


By bobbie91199
I was pretty young when this movie came out, so I don't remember seeing it in the theatre. It's been one of my absolute favorites for such a long time, it was wonderful that they finally re-released...

Loved it!

By tator43
I have been watching this movie since I was 12 years old, and it was amazing on the big screen. I truly hope that there is consideration to rerelease several old movies in a similar fashion. There is...


By Wummee
That's my opinion of This beautiful movie. I saw it then, still remember every bit of it. "NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER" Beautiful work of Art! I was thrilled seeing 'Patrick S.' on Oprah! The man...

20 Years...wow

By nikesuperman
So the first time i saw Dirty Dancing, my girlfriend lent me the movie and i thought it was pretty good. But watching it a second time, i found i enjoyed the movie even more. But the kicker was when i...

Dirty Dancing!

By tlgaler
Rocked! It was even better this time around!...

Dirty Danced into my heart!

By kyny76
AWESOME! Brought back lots of memories! Dirty Dancing has love, romance, and Patrick Swayze's cute butt. Classic lines and a happy ending make this movie a must see in the movie theater!...

Dirty Dancing Fans are the BEST!!!!

By cpayne102
I dragged my husband last night. The theatre was packed. I was grinning from ear to ear the ENTIRE time. Yes i own the movie, Yes they play it on TV now and then, but you have to experience it in the...

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