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By mtknightdog
I evidentially saw this movie in theaters when I was younger. I say "evidentially" because I didn't remember it even existed until I saw a trailer recently while watching a VHS. Unlike Disney's...


By Spirit Catcher
Not enjoyable at all! The children even became bored after 10 min and started making new friends with each other. Some actually went to sleep. The flic was just boring..... Roy B....

Memorable and Stunning

By j04beats
This movie was my all time favorite as a child and to this day I still love it. Brings back old memories! The story was great and the animation was outstanding! Worth watching anytime with the family...


By zaiahcreeper12
Cool movie awsome Dino's no T. Rex but the bad dinosaurs were cool...

Five Word Review

By SasoriSoren
Stand Together . . ....

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Rated PG | For intense images