I'm in shock on how hard it was to watch this movie.

By Frijoles4u
Written August 04, 2010
I had to create an account on Fandango just so I could comment on this Movie. I'm a pretty tolerant person. I've only walked out of one Movie before and that was Blair Witch Project. Let me tell you I walked out of this Movie sooner than the Blair Project. I love both of these Actors and can't understand why they would do a movie like this. I'm even embarrased to say I watched this movie.
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Funniest Movie I've Seen in a While

By ndrone1
Written July 31, 2010
So, the plot is a little predictable - that much is true with almost any movie these days. Rarely, however, are comedies predictable and still hilarious. The last movie I found absolutely hilarious was "The Hangover." This is the same type. Great acting for what it is! Comedy comes out of NOWHERE for most of the movie which is the best part in my opinion. This is a great movie for anyone who works 8-5 and just needs to RELAX and LAUGH and start the weekend right. Take your coworkers or friends and go enjoy the night. I might even pay to see this again in theaters. What a great feeling when you laugh so hard you can't look up at the screen anymore because you're crouching in the fetal position. You haven't heard these jokes before and you'll be happy you did; you'll be trying to remember them all the way home. Enjoy!
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Surprisingly bad considering the actors

By guyinsaratoga
Written August 04, 2010
I went in w/ fairly low expectations and they were not met. I am a big Steve Carell and Paul Rudd fan, so even though I thought the movie might not be great, I thought they could do something w/ it. I was wrong. It was really bad. I almost left the theater. It felt like most of the humor was falling flat. There were just a few funny moments, not nearly enough to make it worthwhile, and nothing laugh out loud funny. Disappointing, even w/ my low expectations.
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I hate saying no to this.....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written August 01, 2010
...because Roach,Carrell and in particular,Rudd,are always dependable,and can make anything funny..Not here...this script was for Schmucks,even the title should have been different. I got maybe 3 forced laughs and 1 genuine. Editing and pacing were totally off,material was very tepid for the most part.The crude lines were so random and non-cohesive with the rest of the script,that they got zero reaction from my audience. Rudd and Carrell tried really hard I think to make this work. It was a bad idea in the beginning to do this 'remake'. The artist and Rudd's secretary were particularly unamusing and just wrong. Everyone else in the cast is capable of far,far better...and I will not give up on them. You will feel like a fool if you spend any money here. I certainly did. I think people who like it are really young,or don't get out much. Really lame.
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Five Word Review

By EzraHugeReview
Written July 30, 2010
Dinner for Schmucks is HILARIOUS!!
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