Digimon Adventure tri. -- Chapter 1: Reunion Synopsis
This September, Fathom Events, Eleven Arts and TOEI Animation are coming together to bring the first chapter of the exciting franchise DIGIMON ADVENTURE Tri to select movie theatres nationwide for an adventurous one-night event.

Movie Reviews

Childhood Restored

By Blackdog12
I'm not really a critic but for this I'll make an exception. This movie brought me back to my childhood growing up with it for so long additionally it brought up how high school is for most...


By J15buddy
It Prodigious...

The sequel I've waited for

By jeremy532
The animation looked amazing, a huge improvement since the last installment, more than a decade ago. I fought the temptation to watch the Japanese dubs because I knew the English dub would be better...

they spoil episode 2

By housepets14
Digimon tri was an amazing movie, no doubt. But what got me so upset is that they literally spoil episode 2 to everybody, then show the episode 3 trailer to everybody. They're going to get alot of...

Great movie

By Clarence10122
It was like I was reliving my childhood all over again...


By Nibiru8722
Definitely worthy of the original anime!...

wonderful to see the gang back

By alexx675gregg
I'm glad I got to experience the English dubbing of this movie... It was wonderful to hear the majority of the English voice cast reprise their roles from the series. It also had a fun yet serious...


By tradinglamps
It was brilliant. Felt like a baby boy again...

Excellent Blast of Nostalgia

By bhsteinke
If you grew up watching the English version of Digimon on TV, this movie is practically required viewing. While not everyone returned from the original cast, the ratio is very high for the old voices...


By xmkhr
So glad they brought this to theaters in the US! Although I wish the entire original cast was brought back (since they all expressed interest), it was a huge nostalgia trip. Loved Joshua Seth as Tai...

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