Exceedingly slow, but good cast and performances.

By pomspringz
Written May 03, 2007
What starts out as a good film with nice scenery, drags on and on with interminable dialog and too much soul-searching. I nearly walked out at one point, which turned out to be fairly close to the end of the movie. This shows that there is not exactly a bang-up ending either. Paul Rudd was quite good, but wasted in this film. I am a big Ron Eldard fan, and never get tired of seeing him. His character could have been more developed. This is a nice try at what could have been a potentially satisfying film, but it really falls flat. Don't even wait for the DVD. If you live in New England, and have some relation to the clam industry there, you may enjoy it. The 1970s feel, setting and music were fun.
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By glxy2
Written September 14, 2007
what the heck?
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