Die Hard Synopsis
A New York policeman (Bruce Willis) outwits foreign thugs in an L.A. high-rise.
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Die Hard Movie Review

By spencerhutapea
100 out of 100 One of the best actions film ever in cinema history. That particular one sentence could explain the whole movie but there's more to come. With a protagonist so lovable and relate-able,...

Must see action flick

By Hyperlith
So many movies spring boarded from this intense, well-paced action flick....

By Mr. film freak

Definitely classic McLaine. Don't let the PG-13 scare you

By darknemus
Thought it was a great movie from start to finish. Obviously there were some hasty post-production edits made to keep it in the PG-13 area but yes, we both enjoyed the film very much. I wasn't a...

By du3995


By shrives5
Strap in, this Die Hard kicks some serious rear end. I'm going again....

Five Word Review

By Mucha
Yippie Ki Yah Mother ******!...

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By Quis90210
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Die Hard!

By geoelevation25
Die Hard....

It causes one to think that maybe it is everyones responsibility to keep our country free even if it takes getting our hands dirty and breaking a sweat.

By vivo7375
This is a classic Bruce Willis movie with all the one liners and the incredible action. The action scenes are almost constant with the usual amount of unbelievability. You leave the theatre wondering...

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Rated R | For Frequent Violence and Coarse Language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Original Bruce Willis violent actioner.
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