Not a good example for kids!!!

By Mother_approved
Written March 27, 2011
I could not believe what a terrible kid Greg was in this movie. He continues to keep his best friend for convenience and his own selfish reasons. He never really likes his friend but tries to shut him up or make a mockery out of him. He tries to get along with his brother but the only way he gets along with him is by being dishonest to his parents and pull pranks on people. In one part of the movie the older brother teaches Greg how to deceive his parents. I don't care how much people can say "It's just a movie!" or "Come on that stuff really happens". Well yes that is true but it doesn't mean that its still okay. The movie presented the parents as stupid people that the kids can manipulate and make fun of. Yes .... the theater was full of people laughing but in whose expense the stupid parents, the good best friend and the innocent people that Greg played pranks on. Another movie brainwashing people to be rude and self centered. MEDIA RAISING OUT KIDS! =( NOT MOTHER APPROVED
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By lukeconnelly
Written January 17, 2017
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Fantastic movie!

By lavalamppixie543
Written July 01, 2016
I have a 12 year old son and a 17 year old son. The older one likes to pick on the younger one (of course) constantly and they fight a lot. My youngest had seen the first one with friends and has the first few books and he loves them. When I read the reviews for Rodrick Rules, I felt it would be the perfect opportunity for my oldest to take him and see it, thinking maybe it would teach the both of them a lesson in brotherhood, and be a good bonding experience. My oldest really didn't want any part of it but I got him to take his brother to see it, and I was right. Of course, my oldest didn't want to show it, but he admited that he enjoyed the movie, and I could tell that each of the boys took something out of it. Since then, they have been getting along much better. Sure, they still fight, but it has made a big difference. I saw it with them later and it really is a great family film and is perfect for siblings who have trouble seeing eye to eye. I highly recommend it.
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ha ha ha ha

By imax3d dude
Written February 26, 2017
this movie is so good. i have wached it 20 times. and i crack up every time. i sall it 2 times in therters and 18 times on blu ray. super funnyand i loved the every minute or it. 5 stars
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Great for all ages!!!

By kmccaman
Written March 29, 2011
This movie was hilarious for all ages! Very entertaining and mirrored the book well... worth the money!!!
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