Fun movie

By TonyKersey
Written March 27, 2011
Sooo funny! A million times funnier than its prequel! It's good for the whole family. If you havent seen you can watch it free at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .com
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This “Diary” could have been left UN-completed with no great “loss”...

By jimchudnow
Written April 01, 2011
[ As posted with film poster & PHOTOS at: = ] ... Most kids nowadays are comparatively “with-it” as to knowing what’s “going-on” in the world around them. The kids here (& especially Zach) are NOT that way, &, altho Zach’s playing his role as “written” & the acting is “OK”, it becomes pretty hard to “BELIEVE” & “TAKE”... ... To me, this “kids” film & a number of its characters came across as a sort or “DUMBING-down” to a “lowest-common denominator” type of audience (as opposed to “HOP”, which did not tend to do that)... The “CONCEPT” was OK (about bonding & all), but the execution came across as “weak” to me... ... I thus found a lot of the actions (such as in the Retirement home) to be “DUMB” rather than “cute” or funny. In other words, it has the old “they took ‘Stupid’ pills” syndrome... You could find far more “realistic” portrayals of kids in old reruns of “Leave It To BEAVER”... ... I'm rating this at 5.5 out of 10 stars.
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Five Word Review

Written November 24, 2010
Best Book Franchise than Twilight
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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

By destiny4321
Written March 19, 2011
I took my kids to this movie and they absolutely LOVED IT!!! I really recommend it to all family's. it is really good for kids from age 8-12 years old but anyone can like it. HOPE U GUYS ENJOY!!!!!!
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dairy of wimpy kid rodrick rules

By mikeystar0125
Written February 20, 2011
it looks so good! i love it. a+ i hope the director, producer,and jeff kinney wins 1 million dollars it was so good number one it is the best ever no more words about it
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