Boys loved it!

By annicasofia2001
Written August 13, 2012
My boys 6 and 9 really enjoyed the movie and will probably see it several times. I liked how it pointed out some issues we also have at home and made them realize wrong from right in a funny way! Enjoyable for adults but I will say I did enjoy the 2nd movie best....not sure what it was called.
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Not as funny as the first two

By bgladiator99
Written April 30, 2016
Even though I'm a adult I loved the first two. This one falls short of those and is not even close to being as funny as the first. There is no "signature" hilarious moment like in the first with the bathroom door or the coach. It seemed like they concentrated too much on story then on funny.
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By dawn0216
Written May 05, 2016
Went with my 9 yr old daughter and my 12 yr old son. We loved all loved it as much as the other 2 Wimpy Kid movies. Laugh out loud funny! Cute story too.
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The Best of all three

By timandmeredith
Written June 27, 2016
Every minute was packed full of laugh out loud moments. This was the funniest one out of all three. My kids and I couldn't make up our minds what our favorite part was because it was all our favorite. If you're kids loved the first two, they'll definitely gonna love this one. We are so ready to buy the DVD when it comes out. It's a definite must see!!!!
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

By ladybug5
Written February 12, 2016
This movie was hilarious. It was great to see how well they brought the childrens book to life with great enthusiasm. My 8 year old son and I have read this book together and he really enjoyed the movie. Most of the actors are well cast to that of the characters in the original book. They really fit like Gregs' brother Roderick. The movie took a little while to get started with set up, but once it did the laughs were non-stop. As a parent I really appreciate how this movie shows kids the downfall of bad behavior. This movie is a must for kids who follow the books or just want a movie that is clean and free of the usual bad language and violence. This movie is an A+
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