Nothing wimpy about this movie!

By chezdoodler
Written June 30, 2016
The movie was hysterical from beginning to end. For once as a parent, I didn't flinch at language or lack of clothes in a kids movie! Great movie for the family! :) REALLY enjoyed it! Wish they made more movies that is 100% for the KIDS! Movies can be good without swearing and 3/4 naked people!
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Movie- Outstanding!! Trailer- inappropriate for children

By indie_movies_rock
Written July 29, 2015
This movie was terrific!! My kids are avid readers of the "Wimpy Kids" series, but i was not as familiar with it. Thought this movie would be one where they giggled as i snored. However, we were all laughing the entire time. Thoughtful writing, unpredictable story lines, fun characters, and hilarious gags made this movie one the whole family can enjoy. I HIGHLY recommend it. However, i was not so impressed with the movie trailers. One in particular was about two high school-aged girls who, while invited to the popular kid's Halloween party, get stuck babysitting a younger brother. While this plot line is not offensive, one of the character's use of the "B" word, in the trailer, was. Was stunned by the gratuitous use of this word in a trailer preceding a kid-friendly movie. Other families there were equally shocked. I complained to theater mgmt, who told me that the studio (Fox Studios in this case) decides which trailers to air. Will be writing to them soon and hope others do too!
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Fun 4 All!!!!

By aabeasley
Written March 03, 2015
So much fun no matter the age you are! For the lil ones and teens it is watching the humorist side of there experiences. As per my only child he felt like a Rowly due to the YMCA membership and no siblings deal, but he could call friends situation to fit the scenario. As per adults now we have on maybe 2 kid families we can remember our own follies of multiple siblings or know how to relate to Greg's parents. A great serries to read and than reward with watching the movie. A+++
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best one yet

By mama_cindy
Written July 30, 2015
This one was even funnier than the first two. We laughed through pretty much the whole movie. I like that these movies are very funny, but also have some areas where kids learn a good lesson as well. A must see with your kids!!
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By ourreddog
Written June 25, 2016
my 9 yr old son and his friend really enjoyed the movie, i was bored so i sneaked out to watch Katy Perry Part of Me
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