By leslie_dunn1974
Written August 27, 2016
This was a great movie to see with my kids! They loved it and I laughed a lot myself! We went to the very last showing at our theater and were the only ones in there so I got to be really loud when we laughed! It was super fun!
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Totally "Wimpy Kid"

By AliciaMNC
Written August 31, 2016
Loved it! Based on book 3, the orange book (or so my son tells me), and amusing as heck! This is the kind of movie that had my husband and I cracking up as much as our 11 year old son was. Good, clean, hilarious humor, worth seeing for sure!
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Wimpy kid

By SwannieD
Written May 02, 2016
Took my 12 year old boy, who loved it. My husband and I got some laughs as well. Just remember it's a kids movie, not an Oscar contender.
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Nice continuation of a great series for the family

By KDS Colorado
Written August 05, 2012
This third installment of the Wimpy Kid series delivers what you would expect. In fact, it may be even more consistently funny throughout. Not the same emotional payoff as the others, but probably more funny moments and good performances.
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Diary of a wimpy kid, dog days

By Catalina.walker
Written December 02, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed this movie as much as I did, it is clean and fun and the message of the story is a positive one. So glad to see a kid movie that doesn't have to do with dark evil spirits or blowing something up.
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