Diane Salinger

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Freedom
2012 Mary Crosby Just 45 Minutes From Broadway
2012 Judd Nelson Just 45 Minutes From Broadway
2011 John C. Reilly Terri
2010 Mary Crosby Queen of the Lot
2010 Peter Bogdanovich Queen of the Lot
2008 Jeffrey Combs Dark House
2005 Ralph Waite Carnivàle: Season 02
2005 John Savage Carnivàle: Season 02
2005 Nick Stahl Carnivàle: Season 02
2005 Clancy Brown Carnivàle: Season 02
2005 Adrienne Barbeau Carnivàle: Season 02
2005 Amy Madigan Carnivàle: Season 02
2003 Adrienne Barbeau Carnivàle: Season 01
2003 Clancy Brown Carnivàle: Season 01
2003 Amy Madigan Carnivàle: Season 01
2003 Nick Stahl Carnivàle: Season 01
2003 Ralph Waite Carnivàle: Season 01
1998 Mickey Rooney ER: Exodus
1998 Eva Mendes ER: Exodus
1998 Ed Lauter ER: Exodus
1996 Vincent D'Onofrio Guy
1996 Hope Davis Guy
1996 Lucy Liu Guy
1995 Henry Jaglom Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Ron Rifkin Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Roddy McDowall Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Holland Taylor Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Kristoffer Tabori Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Viveca Lindfors Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Melissa Leo Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Roscoe Lee Browne Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Martha Plimpton Last Summer in the Hamptons
1995 Melora Walters NYPD Blue: The Bank Dick
1995 Ally Sheedy One Night Stand
1995 Frederic Forrest One Night Stand
1995 A. Martinez One Night Stand
1995 Robert Prosky The Scarlet Letter
1995 Joan Plowright The Scarlet Letter
1995 Gary Oldman The Scarlet Letter
1995 Jodhi May The Scarlet Letter
1995 Roy Dotrice The Scarlet Letter
1995 Dana Ivey The Scarlet Letter
1995 Robert Duvall The Scarlet Letter
1995 Demi Moore The Scarlet Letter
1995 Duncan Regehr Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shakaar
1995 Louise Fletcher Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shakaar
1994 Herb Edelman Murder, She Wrote: Portrait of Death
1994 Loretta Swit Murder, She Wrote: Portrait of Death
1994 Kristoffer Tabori Murder, She Wrote: Portrait of Death
1993 Wallace Shawn Un-Becoming Age
1993 George Clooney Un-Becoming Age
1992 Danny DeVito Batman Returns
1992 Paul Reubens Batman Returns
1992 Vincent Schiavelli Batman Returns
1992 Michael Gough Batman Returns
1992 Michael Keaton Batman Returns
1992 Jan Hooks Batman Returns
1992 Pat Hingle Batman Returns
1992 Christopher Walken Batman Returns
1992 Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns
1992 Bill Erwin The Magic Bubble
1992 George Clooney The Magic Bubble
1992 Wallace Shawn The Magic Bubble
1992 Arthur Malet Stormy Weathers
1992 Kene Holliday Stormy Weathers
1992 Vonetta McGee Stormy Weathers
1992 Philip Baker Hall Stormy Weathers
1992 Zelda Rubinstein Stormy Weathers
1992 Roy Thinnes Stormy Weathers
1992 Cybill Shepherd Stormy Weathers
1992 Melissa Leo Venice / Venice
1992 Henry Jaglom Venice / Venice
1992 David Duchovny Venice / Venice
1992 John Landis Venice / Venice
1991 Christopher Durang The Butcher's Wife
1991 Demi Moore The Butcher's Wife
1991 Max Perlich The Butcher's Wife
1991 Mary Steenburgen The Butcher's Wife
1991 Margaret Colin The Butcher's Wife
1991 Miriam Margolyes The Butcher's Wife
1991 Frances McDormand The Butcher's Wife
1991 George Dzundza The Butcher's Wife
1991 Jeff Daniels The Butcher's Wife
1990 Judy Davis Alice
1990 Patrick O'Neal Alice
1990 Blythe Danner Alice
1990 Caroline Aaron Alice
1990 Mia Farrow Alice
1990 Julie Kavner Alice
1990 Judith Ivey Alice
1990 William Hurt Alice
1990 Joe Mantegna Alice
1990 Keye Luke Alice
1990 Alec Baldwin Alice
1990 Holland Taylor Alice
1990 Gwen Verdon Alice
1990 David Spielberg Alice
1990 Bernadette Peters Alice
1990 Cybill Shepherd Alice
1990 Juliet Taylor Alice
1990 Bob Balaban Alice
1990 James Toback Alice
1990 Louis Zorich Law & Order: Indifference
1990 John Seitz Law & Order: Indifference
1988 Hamilton Camp Bird
1988 Sam Wright Bird
1988 Forest Whitaker Bird
1988 Jason Bernard Bird
1988 Diane Venora Bird
1988 Keith David Bird
1988 Dabney Coleman Maybe Baby
1988 David F. Doyle Maybe Baby
1988 Jane Curtin Maybe Baby
1988 John Hillerman Street of Dreams
1987 Ed O'Neill Right to Die
1987 Raquel Welch Right to Die
1987 Andrew Robinson Verne Miller Story
1987 Scott Glenn Verne Miller Story
1987 Lucinda Jenney Verne Miller Story
1986 Jane Fonda The Morning After
1986 Rick Rossovich The Morning After
1986 Jeff Bridges The Morning After
1986 Raul Julia The Morning After
1986 Kathy Bates The Morning After
1985 Klaus Kinski Creature
1985 James Brolin Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Jan Hooks Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Phil Hartman Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Tony Bill Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Milton Berle Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
1985 Paul Reubens Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
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