Diane McBain
Date of Birth
May 18, 1941
Birth Place:
Cleveland, OH

Worked With

Year Name Title
1986 John Ireland Flying from the Hawk
1980 John Carradine Monster
1980 Cesar Romero Monster
1980 Keenan Wynn Monster
1980 Philip Carey Monster
1978 Robert Fuller Donner Pass: The Road to Survival
1978 Michael Callan Donner Pass: The Road to Survival
1978 John Doucette Donner Pass: The Road to Survival
1978 Lance Le Gault Donner Pass: The Road to Survival
1978 Royal Dano Donner Pass: The Road to Survival
1973 Madeleine Sherwood Wicked, Wicked
1973 Arthur O'Connell Wicked, Wicked
1973 Scott Brady Wicked, Wicked
1970 Yvonne De Carlo The Delta Factor
1970 Ted de Corsia The Delta Factor
1970 Christopher George The Delta Factor
1970 Yvette Mimieux The Delta Factor
1970 Slim Pickens Temporada Salvaje
1970 Victor Buono Temporada Salvaje
1969 Michael Pataki Five the Hard Way
1969 Pat Buttram I Sailed to Tahiti with an All Girl Crew
1969 Fred Clark I Sailed to Tahiti with an All Girl Crew
1968 Teri Garr Maryjane
1968 Joe E. Ross Maryjane
1968 Patty McCormack Maryjane
1968 Jeremy Slate The Mini-Skirt Mob
1968 Harry Dean Stanton The Mini-Skirt Mob
1968 Patty McCormack The Mini-Skirt Mob
1967 Terry-Thomas The Karate Killers
1967 Robert Vaughn The Karate Killers
1967 Joan Crawford The Karate Killers
1967 Leo G. Carroll The Karate Killers
1967 Jill Ireland The Karate Killers
1967 David McCallum The Karate Killers
1967 Telly Savalas The Karate Killers
1967 Curd Jürgens The Karate Killers
1967 Herbert Lom The Karate Killers
1967 Warren Berlinger Thunder Alley
1967 Jan Murray Thunder Alley
1967 Annette Funicello Thunder Alley
1967 Frankie Avalon Thunder Alley
1966 Cecil Kellaway Spinout
1966 Una Merkel Spinout
1966 Carl Betz Spinout
1966 Elvis Presley Spinout
1966 Warren Berlinger Spinout
1964 Claude Akins A Distant Trumpet
1964 Troy Donahue A Distant Trumpet
1964 William Reynolds A Distant Trumpet
1964 Suzanne Pleshette A Distant Trumpet
1964 Russell Johnson A Distant Trumpet
1964 James Gregory A Distant Trumpet
1963 Claude Akins Black Gold
1963 Iron Eyes Cody Black Gold
1963 James Best Black Gold
1963 Philip Carey Black Gold
1963 Dub Taylor Black Gold
1963 Robert Vaughn The Caretakers
1963 Robert Stack The Caretakers
1963 Janis Paige The Caretakers
1963 Herbert Marshall The Caretakers
1963 Joan Crawford The Caretakers
1963 Ellen Corby The Caretakers
1963 Polly Bergen The Caretakers
1963 Barbara Barrie The Caretakers
1963 Barry Nelson Mary Mary
1963 Debbie Reynolds Mary Mary
1963 Michael Rennie Mary Mary
1961 Claude Akins Claudelle Inglish
1961 Frank Overton Claudelle Inglish
1961 Arthur Kennedy Claudelle Inglish
1961 Claudette Colbert Parrish
1961 Vincent Gardenia Parrish
1961 Terry Carter Parrish
1961 Dub Taylor Parrish
1961 Troy Donahue Parrish
1961 Madeleine Sherwood Parrish
1961 Sylvia Miles Parrish
1961 Carroll O'Connor Parrish
1961 Dean Jagger Parrish
1961 Karl Malden Parrish
1961 Hayden Rorke Parrish
1960 Martha Hyer Ice Palace
1960 Carolyn Jones Ice Palace
1960 Sol (Saul) Gorss Ice Palace
1960 Sam McDaniel Ice Palace
1960 Shirley Knight Ice Palace
1960 Ray Danton Ice Palace
1960 Richard Burton Ice Palace
1960 Karl Swenson Ice Palace
1960 Jim Backus Ice Palace
1960 Robert Ryan Ice Palace
1959 Robert Foulk Maverick: A Fellow's Brother
1959 Adam West Maverick: A Fellow's Brother
1959 Rayford Barnes Maverick: Passage to Fort Doom
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