Diane D'Aquila

Worked With

Year Name Title
2011 Michelle Williams Take This Waltz
2009 Christopher Plummer Caesar and Cleopatra
1998 Laurie Metcalf The Long Island Incident
1997 Robert Wuhl The Last Don
1997 John Colicos The Last Don
1997 Seymour Cassel The Last Don
1997 Daryl Hannah The Last Don
1997 Christopher Meloni The Last Don
1997 Burt Young The Last Don
1997 Danny Aiello The Last Don
1997 Joe Mantegna The Last Don
1997 Penelope Ann Miller The Last Don
1997 Michelle Burke The Last Don
1997 Dennis Boutsikaris The Last Don
1997 Kirstie Alley The Last Don
1995 Faye Dunaway A Family Divided
1995 Stephen Collins A Family Divided
1994 Richard Crenna The Forget-Me-Not Murders
1994 Helen Shaver The Forget-Me-Not Murders
1994 Cliff Gorman The Forget-Me-Not Murders
1994 Philip Bosco The Forget-Me-Not Murders
1994 Tyne Daly The Forget-Me-Not Murders
1993 Mary Stuart Masterson Married to It
1993 Robert Sean Leonard Married to It
1993 Beau Bridges Married to It
1993 Stockard Channing Married to It
1993 Chris Wiggins Married to It
1993 Cybill Shepherd Married to It
1993 Don Francks Married to It
1993 Ron Silver Married to It
1992 Jerry Orbach Black Death
1992 Luis Guzman Black Death
1992 Don Francks Black Death
1992 Howard Hesseman Black Death
1992 Patty Duke Last Wish
1992 Maureen Stapleton Last Wish
1992 Sylvia Sidney Used People
1992 Jessica Tandy Used People
1992 Marcello Mastroianni Used People
1992 Kathy Bates Used People
1992 Shirley MacLaine Used People
1992 Marcia Gay Harden Used People
1992 Joe Pantoliano Used People
1989 Patrick Macnee Sorry, Wrong Number
1989 Hal Holbrook Sorry, Wrong Number
1987 Dave Foley Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Peter Coyote Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Peter Boyle Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Treat Williams Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Gary Cole [act] Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Zeljko Ivanek Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Alex Hyde-White Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Stockard Channing Echoes in the Darkness
1987 Robert Loggia Echoes in the Darkness
1981 Chris Makepeace The Last Chase
1981 Burgess Meredith The Last Chase
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