Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel Synopsis
The story of the legendary editor of "Harper's Bazaar" and "Vogue."
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Diana Vreeland : The Eye Has To Travel

By wlriggs
Excellent documentary. Skillfully stitched together by Frederic Tcheng and. Bent-Jorgen Perlmutter. I understand they had about four hours of material and were able to edit down To a smoothly...


By randaljdawkins
An amazing, touching, and fun tribute to one of 20th century's most influential, important, and original persons. A critical see for the art or fashion student and a must see for everyone else!...

Worth seeing

By amonroe999
A well-made documentary about the interesting life of Diana Vreeland. She had a most unusual perspective of the fashion world and how it related to other aspects of life....

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

By daisyjopling
This movie is unbelievably inspirational. Diana had a fresh, innovative and completely honest look on life, which is powerful and beautiful. Her work is extraordinary. One of the best films I have...

An original

By catcat007
A wacky, fun & superb doc. Diana was a true eccentric. She took her special and rare bird looks and made them work for her. It was fascinating to see how she brought unique beauties such as Cher,...

Laugh-Out-Loud and Inspiring

By Arturzinho
I left the theatre feeling inspired and affrimed and ready to celebrate my uniqueness. I find myself open to seeing what's new and unique in "everyday" people. And what a collection of...

A Classic

By cpsiler
The images this woman created are original and inspiring. I want to buy a copy of the DVD when it comes out so I will have them at my fingertips....

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

By walkdc

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By tamconcord
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all about the vision

By javachacin
Great to discover a personality and talent like Vreeland-pioneer in fashion, hilarious and wise. Informative and charming, this doc gives you a nice overview of the Harpers Baazar and Vogue editor,...

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