Devil's due

By Guapara1
Written January 20, 2014
I was really dissatisfy because after trying to follow what was going on with the movie my wife and I got dizzy bacause just the way they were recording with a portable camcorder made it soo hard to have a clear steady focus on the action. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.
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devils due horrible movie

By mybusiness1979
Written January 17, 2014
I don't even rate movies, but this movie was horrible. It was a senseless film. No horror whatsoever. A total waste of money and time. Do not go and see this film you will be disappointed
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So bad. So very bad.

By meaghan.e.hurley
Written January 19, 2014
This is the first movie that I have actually walked out of in a long time- and I would have liked to stay, really. Because I LOVE horror/scary movies, no matter how terrible. What I don't love is motion sickness which is what myself and my two friends suffered about 40 minutes in. It was like they gave the camera to my 80 year old grandfather when he tries to skype with me- all floors, ceilings and palsy. If you can suffer through the nausea and headaches, tell me how it ends.
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Big let down

By lightman07
Written February 15, 2014
there was a lot of build up that really never went anywhere. They left it open for another one but I just don't feel it can go anywhere.
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oh god whyyyyy

By victoriaasickles
Written January 21, 2014
oh dear god, how to I even begin to describe this movie? well, I start off saying that the scariest part of the movie was the random phone going off from one of the movie goers. The entire movie, I kept asking my friend Dakwan, "WHY" or "None of this even makes sense" along with "this is why i never want to have children" The movie was so bad, we couldn't even crack jokes about it once it was finally over. We just held our heads in shame that we actually wasted two hours of our lives on this bs along with money. If you still want to blow money even after reading this review and many others, just donate it to charity.
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