devils due horrible movie

By mybusiness1979
Written January 17, 2014
I don't even rate movies, but this movie was horrible. It was a senseless film. No horror whatsoever. A total waste of money and time. Do not go and see this film you will be disappointed
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Devil's due

By Guapara1
Written January 20, 2014
I was really dissatisfy because after trying to follow what was going on with the movie my wife and I got dizzy bacause just the way they were recording with a portable camcorder made it soo hard to have a clear steady focus on the action. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.
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I want the 89 minutes of my life back!

By VZtekk
Written January 18, 2014
Just another rip off of Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. If you are a fan of those handi-cam style movies by all means go see it. Personally I would rather stick needles in my eyes then ever have to sit through it again
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A great movie

By IMAXnuber1
Written January 31, 2014
All the paranormal activity movies I did not even half to bother watching I knew they where **** why because the director wanted everyone to belive this was actual found footage this **** really happend same deal with the blair witch. This movie never claimed to be a true story and becuase of that I went in open minded I loved it I thought it was well written and just in genral a great story. yes i miss spell I do not care
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We're stil waiting for what's due after it had ended!

By fijinz-all
Written January 28, 2014
This is what I saw - they went to an underground party. Everything went downhill from there. Supposedly something got into her, so wild things happen around the house. She was possessed? Nothing came up to explain what was happening. Walking out of the auditorium, we were in a daze, to say the least. Another $10 down the tube. That was the only thing that came up. There are just tooooo many movie-makers out there who want to just shoot something to milk the movie-goer?
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