By Amaryllis2014
Written January 24, 2014
Storyline would of been interesting had they of used experienced actors and not made it look like they were doing a family video. They left it open for a number 2. Dear God I hope they dont waste money on another movie like this!
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What the hell!

By keyshablackwood129
Written January 18, 2014
First of all where is the horror. Secondly if I wanted to see a woman hormones go haywire I would've looked at my damn sister for nine months. This was nothing but a cheap flick that showed a woman about to give birth to a stubborn baby. With some hormone problems. The Omen was wayyyy better and was made before I was born. We are in 2014 ppl. Please directors go bak to school of horrors and look at horror movies made in the 70's-80's and maybe you'll pick up a thing or two.
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Devil's Due

By calibearpaw
Written January 19, 2014
DO NOT NOT NOT NOT Go to see this! the ONLY Reason I went was because my friend talked me into it! I slapped him and told him i wanted my money back.. THIS MOVIE IS THE WORST I"VE EVER SEEN!!!
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let down as a horror film fan esp;. with devil theme

By jessiemclaughlin78
Written January 20, 2014
this was 1 1/2 hours of my life that I can never get back// it is completely obvious this was written by the same people as blair witch and the other... the shaky camera is not just a few scenes its the whole damn movie... the only jump out of your seat scenes were shown in the trailer.. worst movie ever .
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Don't watch

By celestemia
Written January 28, 2014
honestly one of the worst movies i've ever seen. not scary at all, like two "scary" parts in the whole movie. But the one thing i couldnt stand was it was "home recorded" like the paranormal activities, i literally had to close my eyes and lay my head on my boyfriends shoulder so i didnt throw up from motion sickness. They moved the camera around so much it was horrible!
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