Devil Synopsis
Passengers (Chris Messina, Geoffrey Arend) get trapped in an elevator with a malevolent entity.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

Guaranteed to keep you on tenterhooks from beginning to end - and without much gore. Dowdle and company trade in the usual trappings of the...
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Chicago Reader

The great cinematographer Tak Fujimoto has the time of his life on this low-budget horror feature, playing with dolly shots, abrupt zooms,...
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Boxoffice Magazine

By John P. McCarthy
There are a sufficient number of jolts thanks to quick edits and sound effects, plus the script's efficient structure.
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By Dennis Harvey
Devil is nothing very special or original, but it gets the job done briskly and economically.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Adam Markovitz
A pocket-size supernatural thriller that plays a bit like Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" retold by an unstable Sunday School...
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
Devil is the sort of story Rod Serling would have taken for a spin in "The Twilight Zone," back in the day. Shyamalan came up with the...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
In the end, Devil feels like an ingenious short film pumped up for theatrical release. Shyamalan's story is sound, but the execution...
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By James Berardinelli
Devil will do little to dispel the growing belief that Shyamalan is a one-trick pony whose horse has keeled over. The laughter during the...
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Devil packs a lot of business into 80 brisk minutes but is shockingly short on fun or fright.
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Time Out New York

This is the sort of cut-rate cinematic Cheez Whiz that gives religious horror movies a bad name. Still, at least it's not "The Last...
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Great Art definitely worth seeing (even if they got the ending reversed)

By ronm5000
A great morality play well above the usual "pop" trash produced in a 500 channel, you tube world. The ending is reversed, however as in real life it is the police as a rule who are corrupt...

Must See but Plot for Mature Crowd

By Andreltoussaint
I wasn't sure I wanted to see this because you never know what you're getting from M. Night but it's been an hour since I left the theater and I'm still thinking about it. I can't remember the last...

The moral of the story

By catnmouse
I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to expect. M. Knight has made some very good movies and some very bad movies. Scary or suspenseful movies are my favorite so I knew I would see this no...

"Oh, and I wanted you so bad" to be a horrible movie but came out surprised

By MovieRN
Went to see Devil at a midnight showing because I got off work early and needed a good laugh! To my surprise it was creepy and kept my interest. No weird off the wall surprise just a good ole...

Not that scary but still pretty good movie

By montesalex96
It has good suspense ill admit that but it isn't really scary but I still liked it (:...

Go see Devil!

By msnyc
Devil was better than I was expecting! Suspenseful and creepy. I love the way it all tied together....

Not your usual M. Night film if that's what your worried about

By kmoney51
This movie had some creepy undertones and played well for the little over and hour running time. With a quick look at all the people in the elevator prior to getting in, the movie starts off fast...

Five Word Review

By nobod
Thrilling chilling creepy weird intense...

*Ahem* Forgive Me father For I Have Sinned...

By Deda-Chan
This movie was great, very scary and suspenseful. It keeps you guessing and wondering "who could be the devil?" Although almost all the movie is in an elevator, it still manages to keep you...

Great Movie

By tylrrreaves
Okay, so I was reading the reviews for this movie, and my girlfriend and I were having mixed thoughts on seeing it; however, after watching it, we both agreed that it was an excellent choice to see. ...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, disturbing images, thematic material and some language including sexual references
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Common Sense Media says Spooky trapped-in-elevator horror tale promotes forgiveness.
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