I adore this film

By leahrandall
Written March 26, 2017
It's so weird, in the best way. It's also impossible to explain or describe - you have to see it for yourself. But you'll have tons of fun, I promise.
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Strange but Excellent

By ElphabaWeasley
Written February 11, 2016
I really liked this film! Not gonna lie, it is VERY weird, but it's also really good! It's comedy, slasher, teen culture throughout like the last 20 -30 years, with some sci-fi and supernatural. R is for language, blood, and some random nudity; boobs. The acting was good, cinematography, the way it was shot. I'm always happy when films don't use the shaky camera (handheld?) because then my eyes can focus better. The writing was clever. Very hip and modern. And this film was funny I was laughing a LOT and so were people around me :) I highly recommend this, I'm so glad I saw it, and so lucky they had it in my city. I hope it gets a wide release. I will definitely see it again, and also buy the DVD :)
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A film for this generation!

By ValShizzle
Written July 30, 2016
This is a must go film! It's non-stop hilarious, you can't look away for a second without missing something. You will never be bored while watching this film. The reason the critics don't like this movie is because they are old men and don't get the way our generation thinks. In our instant gratification seeking age this film challenges the audience to keep up but never loses you if you pay attention, which you will definitely want to! Help show Hollywood we're sick of remakes and sequels and go see Detention!
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I'm In!

By JustWatchTheMovie
Written August 29, 2016
Maybe..... it got a lot of crappy reviews so I'm a little scared now. And it's rated R for more than just language and violence. I'll admit..... I would only see this for Josh Hutcherson *blush* it's the truth!
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Run Away!!

By Desilu500
Written October 27, 2016
Oh so bad. Right from the first scene I knew we were in trouble but I hoped it would get better...it didn't. Not so bad to walk out but at least 4 others did. I see what the makers were going for and it could have been great but in my opinion, they just failed on every level.
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