Cute but a little too childish

By Spring101
Written July 22, 2010
I saw despicable me in 3D and the movie was incredible, however unless you got a kid eight years or younger I would not recomend seeing this movie because its a little too "fluffy". But seeing it in 3D was super cool even though the 3D glasses were extremely unconfortable. Before I saw this movie I looked at the fan reviews and one person said that the little yellow guys get on your nerves after awhile after reading that I was thinking "lighten up its a kid movie" but they really do get annoying after awhile, even more if you dont have the best buy movie ap to understand them. I would say this is an ok movie because some of the jokes were really funny and I laughed out loud at least five times, but then again the rest of movie was super predictable. What bothered me most was that they gave away all the good scenes in the commercials so everything was expected. And if I"m saying this and Im the biggest Steve Carell fan ever, their must be some truth in my words!!
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good cute movie

By diet pepsi
Written January 26, 2012
we rented this movie for the kids when it first came out and we all loved every secound of the movie it was just cute from beging to end and the three little girls made it all the more fun to watch espesualy agnes she is so cute i am going to die iol .
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Five Word Review

By deborahsue503
Written July 01, 2010
funny humor clever great weird
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Five Word Review

By imaxisin
Written June 15, 2010
Funny warm enjoyable family oriented
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Five Word Review

By EzraHugeReview
Written June 28, 2010
Hilarious Energetic Touching And Unique
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