Despicable Me 2 in 3D

By amcdorman
Written March 02, 2015
If you enjoyed the first movie you will enjoy this one. I took my 6.5 year old granddaughter to see the movie. She loved it. She paid constant attention to the movie. She was on the edge of her seat most of the time. She kept trying to reach out and catch some of the objects since it was in 3D. I also enjoyed the movie. Of course we always love happy endings and this one had the usual happy ending.
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Despicable me 2

By Robinsonalysha2008
Written August 31, 2015
It was a great family movie, perfect for any age, lots of laughs!!! There was a point (mid film) where my 4 year old lost his interest- he didn't care for the love story aspect of it. Aside from that, I would def recommend it for a family movie night. We cannot wait until it goes on DVD!
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It's Funny ja but not funny jaja...

By nyc2awp
Written May 27, 2015
The movie will be a boom for kids but for adults it's cute and jokes are more silly than thinking jokes but it will be fun for all.
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3D Worthy!

By Mrspeele
Written January 30, 2015
So many movies nowadays are in 3D, but aren't worth the extra money. This had so many cool scenes that totally made the 3D pop! My kids and I think this is a 3D Must-See! We all agreed that this movie was just as good if not better than the first.
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Excellent movie for the whole family.

By carlosizaguirre
Written March 03, 2015
I took my two boys, ages 6 and 4 to see this movies. It was just wonderful; we couldn't stop laughing to whole time. The only thing against (,not the movie): the glasses used for 3D movies need to be improved.
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