Fun movie for the whole family

By christinalmattoon
Written August 31, 2015
I do love it when objects fly out into the audience; 3D continues to amaze me. My grandaughter loved it but I agree with another reviewer; I too found it dragging/boring in a couple of spots. There were a bunch of little kids (5 or 6 yrs) and I did hear one crying at the end when the bad guy turned purple and began attacking Gru; might be a little too much for little ones. Overall though, well worth it and a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.
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Despicable Me 2 in 3D

By brunsonmartha
Written July 06, 2015
It was an awesome movie. Laughed so much I cried...The effects were great and there were kids of all ages in the movie with us.
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Never a dull moment!!

By davarieusfox
Written May 24, 2015
This movie was awesome from start to finish. It has something for everyone! There are some points where the humor is a bit much for younger viewers but it is ok considering the joke is for adults and most young children wouldn't understand anyway! This movie is by far the greatest sequel I've seen for any animated movie... Go watch it... Twice even!
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Well done...

By braspet
Written May 03, 2015
Sequels are always fighting an uphill battle when compared with the first movie out... but Despicable Me 2 did very well. The kids all enjoyed it and Aunt & Uncle too. :^)
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Funny, Long

By thebodie
Written September 16, 2014
Supremely fun movie, with a quite-unique plot-line, adorable kiddies and hilarious minions. Animation continues to grow and dazzle. The detail of water blew my mind (cinema has come a long way since the first digital attempt at moving water in Antz), and is this the first armpit hair in movie history? However, it was a bit overlong, by about 20 minutes. How do I know? I began nodding off, and both kids with me chose that exact time to ask me when the movie was going to get interesting. Still, can't enough of those minions.
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