Great Sequel

By sklock92
Written June 24, 2017
Me and my two kids (ages 9 and 13) loved this movie. I would highly recommend this for a family outing. The 3D was great. make sure you stay for the credits it was great in 3D!
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Good for both kids and adults.

By alanweinbaum
Written July 01, 2016
D2 did not disappoint. The story was predictable and it felt like there was slow a few times, but I laughed more at #2 than I did at the original. It's clear the popularity of the minions is great and they feature a lot more prominently in this movie than they did in the first. The humor is a nice balance between things the kids will love and jokes clearly aimed at the adults in the room. I saw it in 3D at a dine in AMC Theatre and the digital and theater experience is better than the average theater.
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Despicable Me 2

By JanetJustJanet
Written May 30, 2016
Saw it in 3D, awesome, made it that much more fun. The girls are cuter than ever. Gru is father of the year and all is well that ends well. There will be a 3
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By marianelise1116
Written August 24, 2016
I took my five yr old nieces to see this movie. I enjoyed the first one and the second one was just as good, funny, cute, adorable and creative. I love the story, this is a wonderful movie for children.
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DM2 in 3D

By Judisharp
Written August 28, 2016
It was good. I don't think it was as good as the first one though. 3D effects were amazing. Music score was great. I give it a 7
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