By beccaglyn
Written June 30, 2016
I loved the first movie (IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love this one even more. It shows a different side of Gru and it's adorable. Can't wait to take my son to see it :)
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Despicable Me 2

By Weezie0000
Written July 21, 2013
I took my 2 grandchildren, ages 5 and9 to see it, and it lived up to its reviews. We all thouroughly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end, and would go see it again in a heartbeat!
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A Fitting Sequel

By MG1960
Written February 20, 2017
I really enjoyed this move. Characters continued to develop and the new characters were fun. The minions continued to steal their scenes. My only warning would be that I don't think you'll get as much out of it if you didn't see the first.
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Best ever!

By Basketballjohnson44
Written September 01, 2016
This movie was even better than the first movie. The story line behind the movie isn't the best, but the comedy makes up for it. I spent the entire movie laughing! I think there were more adults in the theater than kids.
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Great film for the family

By bastett
Written January 19, 2017
Much better than the first! Totally worth the wait and great film to see in 3D! Very funny, too. Go take the kiddos and parents, you will love this movie!
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