Despicable Me 2

By Weezie0000
Written July 21, 2013
I took my 2 grandchildren, ages 5 and9 to see it, and it lived up to its reviews. We all thouroughly enjoyed the movie from beginning to end, and would go see it again in a heartbeat!
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Despicable me 2

By Robinsonalysha2008
Written September 18, 2014
It was a great family movie, perfect for any age, lots of laughs!!! There was a point (mid film) where my 4 year old lost his interest- he didn't care for the love story aspect of it. Aside from that, I would def recommend it for a family movie night. We cannot wait until it goes on DVD!
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Despicable Me 2

By dkhill61
Written September 23, 2014
Went with my husband. Really enjoyed this movie. This was my second time to see it. I think the adults in the theater appreciated it more than the kids. We will also get the DVD.
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A Fitting Sequel

By MG1960
Written September 23, 2014
I really enjoyed this move. Characters continued to develop and the new characters were fun. The minions continued to steal their scenes. My only warning would be that I don't think you'll get as much out of it if you didn't see the first.
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By pnpmama
Written September 27, 2014
I liked the fact that they had more on the minions in this one. They are so interesting to watch and love the way they are shown in all their different roles in this movie. There's always a good story about Gru and the kids, this one is special. It's definitely a family movie, the kids will love it and the adults that see this movie are all grown up children at heart. There were groups of adults seeing this movie without kids at all and they were laughing..THe movie is getting a good following Go see it!!! Lorraine
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