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Minions Are Back

By luebdan976
Written July 29, 2014
The funny friends dressed in overalls bee bopped back into a hit. Gru's daddy instincts kick in to bring tender moments of Freeze Rays zapping bad men and tucking in his 3 little unicorns. Love is in the air and it brings an age old tale of love into Gru's life. Boy meets girl and girl meets boy, but will it all go up in flames when the mystery heats up?
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Mostly Hype

By mman
Written January 04, 2014
I loved the first Despicable Me. It's Pixar-meets-Looney-Tunes vibe managed to win me over. Most importantly, however, it was genuinely funny, thanks to the wildly inventive escapades of Gru and the minions. Unfortunately, this sequel retains little of what made the first an instant classic. Gru is no longer a bad guy here, and thus isn't as interesting to me as a character. His arc in the first film felt complete, and allowed for a great many laughs. Which leads to my main problem with this film: It really isn't that funny. The original got it right by deriving its humor from the plot. Here, the story is confused and generally all over the place. I felt as if they were trying too hard to fit in as many concepts and ideas as they could, resulting in more misses than hits. There was also an over-saturation of minions this time around. These guys work best when they're used sparingly, and centering the entire plot around them didn't work. Overall, I was disappointed. 6/10
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Family fun

By claudinebigelow
Written September 21, 2014
12 year old daughter says. "A fun, silly movie that is great to watch as a family." 7 year old daughter says, "the minions are great! My favorite character is Agnes."
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Terrific Movie

By dbgibbs
Written August 22, 2014
What a wonderfully funny movie! We took our grandchildren and enjoyed it as much as they did. I cried at the end of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Great movies
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Lovable and cozy

By maydayqueen92
Written January 04, 2014
If you loved the first one, you will definitely love this one too!! I'm a huge fan of the animation work as well as the minions. Granted the body shapes freak me out a little as they're a little inhuman, but still a cute movie to watch with either with kids or alone. :)
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