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Love It!!!!!!

By ttrevarthen
Written July 06, 2013
I laughed, I cried. The minions were fantastic. There were lots of children at the showing that we went to, but not a peep out of them when the movie started. I loved the adult humor!!
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Minions, Minions, Minions

By cooldadmark
Written July 05, 2013
This movie would be nothing without the hilarious minions, they are are hands down the funniest part of this movie. On a negative note, the use of guns and weapons throughout this movie is VERY disappointing, my 6 year old left the movie wanting to find and SHOOT bad-guys. They really could have made this movie without glorifying weapons and guns to such a young age group. The movie was hilarious, as expected, the theater was packed, however AGAIN, the use of guns and the MESSAGE given to the youngsters that you have to SHOOT the bad guys with something to overcome evil is a horrible message.
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Great movie, but not as good as original

By kclessonm98
Written August 30, 2013
This is a good movie, but obviously not as good as the original. Agnus loses a lot of her cuteness, and only gets awwws in a couple of scenes. Margo becomes a stereotypical teenager, and Edith becomes obsessed with violence and dresses like a ninja. Gru remains the same as he was at the end of the movie. As a caution to those taking little kids, there are some pretty disturbing scenes involving the minions, and may upset small children.
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By phatnole
Written July 04, 2013
If you enjoyed DM and love the minions like my kids and I did, you will love this movie as my kids and I did. Walking out, I overheard other families saying they enjoyed DM2 even more than the first too. It is a laugh out loud movie for all ages.
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Despicable Me 2

By GreyGoose927
Written July 08, 2013
One of the funniest movies to come out in years. Better than the first one and new characters bring a lot more twists to the plot. Must see!!!
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