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Who doesn't love the minions

By LatR317
Written July 04, 2013
I enjoyed this one, although not as much as the first movie. Seemed that there was a little of the charm missing. Not enough to say not see it though. A fun ride overall.
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Dispicable Me 2

By toddcide
Written September 26, 2013
I liked this movie even more than the first! My son had a half day at school and afterwards we went to a matinee and watched it in a theater by ourselves! 2 cool, fun experiences in one day! I enjoyed the fanciful new technologies invented by the characters and the old favorites reused in this film.
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Yellow Freaks RULE!

By theaveragecritic
Written September 29, 2013
Okay I went to go see this movie on a few days after the movie release. I wasn't that happy when I was going to see it. I wanted to go see Monsters University. But I am happy we went to go see this movie. It was fun, ,funny, and totally worth seeing. Overall this movie is AWESOME!!!!!!!! So go and see it you will enjoy it.
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By jwd1040
Written September 27, 2013
was the worst movies I seen in years. where do you get that all bad guys must have a Russian accent. Also, what nut dream up the co-start. did you write the scrip as you were shooting. this was not made for kids. It was made for mindless people who don't care on they see. My god was this the same writers that wrote the Russian movie, "THE GUARDIANS". ANOTHER JOKE FOR US TOO BEAR. COULD I HAVE MY MONEY BACK. WHAT A JOKE...................................
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Despicable Me 2

By tammiedge
Written July 05, 2013
This was a great movie, we laughed and laughed through the whole movie, everyone should see this movie it's the best movie of the year. 2 thumbs up u must go
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