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Even better than the original

By paulburcham
Written September 28, 2013
8-year-old daughter and I really enjoyed the original Despicable and were prepared for the sequel not to be quite that good. But this was better. 2 didn't have as much "cute" or as much time of Gru with the 3 little ones (awww) but had more plot, action, and a little (ugh) romance. Delightful.
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Ok, but NOT as good as DM #1

By MississippiMan
Written September 16, 2014
Good kids movie for family outing. But DM2 was more of a gag reel, mainly focused on the Minions. It was a bit short on plot. Quite predictable... Gru is single, daughters are motherless, Gru meets female spy, and you know the rest. Although I give it a passing grade, I don't grade it as high as the critics are grading it. But, like I said, my young kids enjoyed it. I will say this... We saw the film in 2D, but it looked like it would be fun to watch it in 3D. There were many camera angles that appeared that they would come off well in the 3D version.
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Despicable Me 2 - Everything I hoped it would be

By boopster86
Written July 06, 2013
I loved Despicable Me, so was very excited to hear that they were coming out with Despicable Me 2. Sometimes the second movie is a disappointment, but this one is everything I had hoped it would be. I laughed from beginning to end and now can't wait for the DVD to come out!!
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it was great

By zavalasmileyface
Written July 06, 2013
It was a really funny movie. everyone was laughing through out the whole thing. I'm going to go watch it again this week. Love it better than the 1st!
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We had a Blast!!

By penjac
Written July 08, 2013
We went to see Gru, the girls and the minons and this movie didn't disappoint. The plot was very funny. I would rate it one of the best.
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