Der Rosenkavalier

By opera_singer1
Written January 28, 2015
We love going to the HD movie presentations from the Metropolitan Opera stage. This Strauss Opera was no exception. In answer to your questions in the email, I laughed, I cried, and I scratched my head. Each of the parts of the singers were well portrayed, especially Renee Fleming in the part of the Marschallin. The female trio in the last act, is one of the most beautifully written pieces by Strauss and the three singers who performed it sang so beautifully and with such great passion that brought tears to my eyes. Even the minor singer parts were dramatically and comically portrayed as their part required. The crowd scenes had me scratching my head, as most crowd scenes do when everyone is talking at once, in this case singing at once.
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Der Rosenkavalier

By colourman
Written July 26, 2012
My wife and I both thought that this was an outstanding performance of one of our most favorit Opera's. Thank you for showing it. Michael Smith.
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Written July 28, 2012
I wanted to see Rosenkavalier again because I knew I had nodded off several times during the live performance back in January 2010. It was absolutely magnificent. Rosenkavalier requires excellent acting, as well as singing. This performance has both. The first time I saw Rosenkavalier live, Baron Ochs put me to sleep. Not this time. He was playing the role to the hilt. I hope this performance has been issued in a DVD. It would make a great study for budding young singers! Young adults on up.
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Der Rosenkavalier

By HanneloreRogers
Written July 26, 2012
It was absolutely beautiful--moving, touching, funny, sad. It's one of my favorite operas. I'm so grateful that these Metropolitan Opera broadcasts are available for those of us who can't get to New York. Thank you.
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Der Rosenkavalier Met Summer Encore

By millieb957
Written July 29, 2012
Loved the opera. I'm only sorry that they are not advertised so that tickets are available earlier. At present, have to keep checking on future HD productions.
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