Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written September 05, 2009
Legendary cast going all out.
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The Departed

By ironman15
Written February 20, 2009
this is a kick *** movie. great action. Leonardo DiCaprio,Matt Damon,Jack Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg were all awesome. very good story line. this movie is top 5 gangster movies of all time. just a great movie. the only thing about this film is its confusing. a lot of twists. but very good movie. one of my favorites. my rating BETTER THEN SEX
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The Departed

By seanroberts89
Written March 02, 2009
Martin Scorsese has really outdone himself with this crime masterpiece that can only be described as a tour de force film that packs one hell of a punch. Leonardo DiCaprio is at the top of his game playing a Boston State Police Officer, Billy Costigan, that must infiltrate the Boston City Irish Mob for two detectives, Oliver Queenan (Martin Sheen) and Sean Dignam (Mark Wahlberg), that are hellbent on bringing him down. Jack Nicholson playing the seductively chilling and psychotic Frank Costello is set to be remembered as one of the great film villains in history. Mark Wahlberg playing the angered Police Detective, Dignam is a joy to see on screen, stealing every scene that he is in. Overall, Martin Scorsese is an absolute master of his craft and it shows in his Oscar Winning crime epic. This IS what film is supposed to be.
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Awesome, must see!

By minski72
Written May 25, 2008
This movie was awesome. I bought the dvd and had everyone in my family watch it. It was intense from the beginnig to end. The cast selected was perfect.
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The Departed Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written February 23, 2012
100 out of 100 The epic gundown with Jack Dawson, The Bourne Man, and the Joker in the thrilling, excellently entertaining gangster film of all motherf****** time!
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