Denver Mattson

Worked With

Year Name Title
1994 Robert Picardo Wagons East!
1994 William Sanderson Wagons East!
1994 John C. McGinley Wagons East!
1994 John Candy Wagons East!
1994 Ed Lauter Wagons East!
1992 Geoffrey Lewis Army of One
1992 Bert Remsen Army of One
1992 George Segal Army of One
1987 Duncan Regehr The Monster Squad
1987 Tom Noonan The Monster Squad
1986 Lance Henriksen Choke Canyon
1986 Stephen Collins Choke Canyon
1986 Bo Svenson Choke Canyon
1986 Ed Lauter Raw Deal
1986 Kathryn Harrold Raw Deal
1986 Steven Hill Raw Deal
1986 Sam Wanamaker Raw Deal
1986 Arnold Schwarzenegger Raw Deal
1986 Robert Davi Raw Deal
1986 Kirk Douglas Tough Guys
1986 Burt Lancaster Tough Guys
1986 Graham Jarvis Tough Guys
1986 Eli Wallach Tough Guys
1986 Alexis Smith Tough Guys
1986 Billy Barty Tough Guys
1986 Darlanne Fluegel Tough Guys
1986 Charles Durning Tough Guys
1982 Lou Jacobi My Favorite Year
1982 John Welsh My Favorite Year
1982 Peter O'Toole My Favorite Year
1982 Bill Macy My Favorite Year
1982 Cameron Mitchell My Favorite Year
1982 Adolph Green My Favorite Year
1982 Joseph Bologna My Favorite Year
1982 Jessica Harper My Favorite Year
1982 Richard Masur The Thing
1982 Donald Moffat The Thing
1982 Keith David The Thing
1982 Richard Dysart The Thing
1982 Kurt Russell The Thing
1982 Wilford Brimley The Thing
1979 Ernie Hudson The Main Event
1979 Bill Murray The Main Event
1979 Barbra Streisand The Main Event
1979 James Gregory The Main Event
1979 Ryan O'Neal The Main Event
1979 Rory Calhoun The Main Event
1979 Patti D'Arbanville The Main Event
1978 Barry Bostwick Movie, Movie
1978 Art Carney Movie, Movie
1978 Red Buttons Movie, Movie
1978 Eli Wallach Movie, Movie
1978 Stanley Donen Movie, Movie
1978 Jocelyn Brando Movie, Movie
1978 Michael Kidd Movie, Movie
1978 George C. Scott Movie, Movie
1978 Dick Winslow Movie, Movie
1978 George Burns Movie, Movie
1978 Barbara Harris Movie, Movie
1978 Harry Hamlin Movie, Movie
1977 Gene Hackman The Domino Principle
1977 Charles Horvath The Domino Principle
1977 Candice Bergen The Domino Principle
1977 Edward Albert The Domino Principle
1977 Ken Swofford The Domino Principle
1977 Richard Widmark The Domino Principle
1977 Mickey Rooney The Domino Principle
1977 Eli Wallach The Domino Principle
1977 Michael Landon Little House on the Prairie: The High Cost of Being Right
1977 Melissa Sue Anderson Little House on the Prairie: The High Cost of Being Right
1977 Karl Swenson Little House on the Prairie: The High Cost of Being Right
1977 Eddie Quillan Little House on the Prairie: The High Cost of Being Right
1977 Terence Hill Mr. Billion
1977 Valerie Perrine Mr. Billion
1977 Chill Wills Mr. Billion
1977 Mary Woronov Mr. Billion
1977 Jackie Gleason Mr. Billion
1977 William Redfield Mr. Billion
1977 Dick Miller Mr. Billion
1977 R.G. Armstrong Mr. Billion
1977 Slim Pickens Mr. Billion
1977 Paul Bartel Mr. Billion
1976 Brenda Vaccaro Death Weekend
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